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Stage 1:
It all started in the Church during Ministry Time
Ezekiel 36:25-26 says: “Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean; from all your filthiness, and from all your idols will I cleanse you. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.”
My testimony goes like this.  On Sunday, at around 9pm our church was doing Ministry time.  God was pouring out His blessing on us.  My Pastor said to me, “Adelaida, the Lord is asking me to anoint you”, she put a lot of oil on her palms and started anointing my body.  She anointed my ears, legs, stomach and all over my body.  When she placed her hands upon my fore-head, I saw a great light coming from above, descending on me.  From that moment I was unconscious and didn't know what was happening to me. 

Stage 2:
My Journey to Heaven
Then the Angels came and took me up into the sky with them.  The Angel started battling with evil spirits because our way was blocked.  There was a black veil in the clouds, contaminated by demons that were trying to stop us.  I saw a bright light from Heaven and a very beautiful Angel with a sword of light in his hand.  He stretched forth his sword and started fighting the demons so we could pass.   The Angel looked like a Prince, He had a golden plate on His chest, and very beautiful clothing.  His hair was like gold, and his face was like rays of light, he was very beautiful,

Stage 3
The Cleansing and Transformation of My Soul
We went to a very big place, with a sign that read ”THE COMPANY OF GOD”  The two angels with me gave me to three different angels that were waiting for me at the entrance.  They then started washing me.  I said, “What are you doing to me? What is going on here? Please help me!” The angels didn't say a word, but continued to wash every part of my body with very clean water.  They started washing my knees, it felt terrible.  I continued asking them why they were washing me, because it was very painful.
Suddenly, I could hear a voice within me say I want you to know that I gave you those knees for you to be a woman of prayers, not for you to go around doing things that don't please Me. These knees were given to you to intercede for the church, you must know that.”  I wasn't a very prayerful woman, my prayers were very short and The Lord wanted me to pray more.
The angel continued to wash my legs, scraping them, and I was crying to God for mercy because of the pain. The Lord said: These legs were given to you to go around preaching The Gospel, to spread My word and not for you to go around to your neighbors gossiping, and doing things that don't please Me and for this reason the Lord said I'm washing your legs.
This process continued, and it was so painful. The Lord said, This is very necessary for you to understand My plans for you.
Afterwards, I was taken to another place where three other angels were waiting for me. This place was different, I saw things like machines.  The angels started another process of cleaning my eyes with some type of oil.  It felt like my eyes were taken out of the sockets.  I said: “Please have mercy on me, help me, why are you doing this to me?” It was like they were scraping my eyes. Something that looked like a sardine fish was taken out from my eyes.

The Lord said, Daughter, I'm doing this for you because I want you to change. The things you used to do on earth weren't pleasing Me.  I didn't like when you were on earth watching things that don't please Me; you were watching TV-Novels. [Soap Operas]  ... That doesn’t edify your life.”   ...  “It doesn't please Me whenever My children are watching things like that, that don't glorify Me.
I said, “Lord, forgive me, have mercy on me.” and the Lord said, In the middle of the night at about 00:00am, you are always there watching movies that don't edify you, and a lot of those movies have pornography attached to them, I didn't give you those eyes for such things, I gave you those eyes for you to look only to things that glorify Me and for this reason I'm cleaning your eyes.”  The angels continued to clean my eyes while I was asking for mercy.  My eyes were anointed with oil, and from that moment I had a different look, my eyes were changed, totally transformed.  The Lord said, Don't lust after the husbands of other people any more!”  I was fond of admiring other men, and the Lord said that those things were not pleasing Him.
I'll tell you who I used to be, I was a mediocre Evangelical Christian, who never did things according to the bible. Everything I did was according to my own desires and ways, all contrary to the will of God.  I'm telling you this so that you will amend your ways, and souls might be saved. I'm telling you that lusting IS a sin, watching TV- novels [Soap Operas], worldly movies, all these things don't please God.
The angels continued the cleaning process, they had this tiny glass bar and put it straight into my ears.  As they started scraping my ears, I felt a terrible pain, my soul went through all these pains.  Soon a black liquid started coming out of my ears, and later a grey colored liquid.  I kept crying out. 
The Lord said, Daughter I’m cleaning your ears because you were fond of listening to things that don't please Me, you were fond of listening to gossips, you dedicated your ears to hearing things that don't please Me. Some people come to you to gossip and talk about Pastor, you were fond of listening to them even when they gossip about your own Pastor, you were fond of listening to them. Instead of defending your Pastors and correcting the gossipers to amend their ways, you were like them, gossiping with them.” ... “Never listen to gossip anymore, whenever anyone comes to you with any form of gossip, don't listen to them, excuse yourself from them and go away immediately without partaking in it, don't listen to things that don’t edify you anymore.
I said: ”Lord, have mercy on me!” I knew I was guilty, nothing is hidden from God, no one can hide from Him.  All that we're doing and saying here on earth is recorded in Heaven.  I said: “Lord forgive me, have mercy on me”, because of all the pain in my ears. Then my ears were anointed by the angel.
The Lord said to me: From this day forward, you will only listen to things I've permitted you to, you will only do the things I've asked you to do, you will not be the former Adelaida any more, you are now a new person and you must be the woman I want you to be.
I was then taken to another department where Angels started to clean my mouth.  My tongue was actually brought out of my mouth, and placed on some type of tray.  The angel started cleaning my tongue, and again I felt horrible pain. The Lord said: I want to clean you, I want to clean you”.
As the angels were scraping my tongue a black liquid was flowing out, and later a white liquid.  The angels then used a very sweet water to cleanse my tongue.  It was very sweet; nothing on earth can compare to the sweetness of the water that was used to wash my tongue.  Then my tongue was anointed with oil.  My mouth also went through the same process; black liquid was flowing out of my mouth.
The Lord said, Daughter, I'm doing this for you not to gossip any more, for you to stop doing things that don't please Me, because your tongue collaborated in a lot of things that don't glorify Me, you told many lies, stop lying!”  ... “Telling lies is not mine, liars don't please Me, all liars can never see Me, no liar will enter into The Kingdom Of Heaven.
I said: “Lord have mercy on me, I know I did all those things, I told many lies, but please forgive me and help me”. (Rev. 21:8) I said all this because of the pain I was going through at that moment.
The Lord said: I'm doing all this because I love you.  If you continue the way you used to be, I'm going to lose you. If I hadn't done all this, you were never going to change. I have to save your soul and this is My reason for doing all this. I love you, because I love you I don't want to lose you.” . . . “Just like you, many among My people are like that, telling lies, living a double life and they appear to be pure to others. When you shout at your husband also your tongue is being used.”  My mouth was totally cleansed and The Lord asked me to swallow some water.
My tongue and my mouth were anointed with a very special celestial oil.  Its precious smell cannot be compared with any oil here on earth.  My tongue was fixed back into my mouth and an angel fixed a bridle in my throat.  Jesus said, This is the same way the horses are being bridled.
This is the only way some of us can be changed and transformed.  We need to stop speaking vain and filthy words and partaking in things that don't edify us, these things don't please God. (Pro. 8:13)  There are a lot of Christian Brothers, Sisters, Evangelists, Missionaries etc that are fond of speaking vain and filthy words.  I testify about what the Lord showed me to transform of your life and change you.
After my tongue was fixed back by the angels, it was totally transformed, no one can provoke me anymore, now I can only do things that please God.
Then my nose went through the same process, a black liquid came out of my nose and later a white one. My nose was anointed, but the whole process was very painful. I said: “Lord please tell me the things I did with my nose that didn't please you.”
The Lord said to me: Some of your clients smoke cigarettes and you breathe in that smoke through your nostrils because you were once a smoker and you still feel comfortable sitting with them while they are smoking.”  I said, “Lord, I know, forgive me, have mercy on me.”
The Lord said, You are the same with all those smoking cigarettes and all that drink alcohol whenever you stay there with them breathing in the smell of the cigarette or alcoholic drinks.”  . . . “This is my reason for cleansing you, so from today whenever you see anyone smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol you won't be comfortable among them any more, it will rather disgust you.
I was then taken to another place where angels started washing the rest of my body with a white soap.  And out of my body came this gray liquid.  As the angels were scraping my body, some of my skin was taken off and blood flowed out.
I said: “Lord help me, please help me. Why are you doing this to me?” He said, I'm cleaning you, you have to be clean, all your body, your soul and your spirit.”   The soap was washed off my skin with very precious water. Then the angels anointed every part of my body.
The Lord said to me: Don't return back to your old ways My daughter, you are now My anointed saint.” 
I said: “Lord forgive me for all the things I used to do in the past even in Your presence.  Forgive me Lord for whenever my Pastor tried to correct me, I was always striving with her, I said a lot of things I wasn't supposed to say to her.”  My Pastor always told me that my style of dressing as a Christian wasn't right.  We argued a lot and she once told me that I lied and that grieved me. I was always against my Pastor.
Then I was taken to another place and received by three angels.  They used a white cloth to wipe the water off my body.  In the faces of the angels, I could see they felt so much pity for me for all the pain I was going though.  But they didn't say any thing, not even a word.  I couldn’t see The Lord in these places; I could only hear His voice.
Then another three angels received me in another place, where they dressed me up in a very long white dress.

Stage 4:
Seeing other Saints in Heaven
I was taken to another place and a door was opened, I saw a great beautiful light shining through that door.  When the Lord asked me to go through I said: “I'm scared”.
I saw cities and a lot of people were there waiting for me and waving their hands.
Jesus said, My Saint, the time has come, the hour has come, the time has come to see all that are here waiting for you.”  A lot of people were waiting for me and I asked the Lord: “What is going on here?”
Jesus replied, It's time for you to go and preach to all people.  It’s time for you to go and preach to all nations, it's time. All that I told you, go and tell My church, because I'm going to perfect My church, I'm going to perfect My house.  Then My word would be taken to the rest of the world, but first My church.

Stage 5:
What I saw in Hell
The angels took me away from there and we started going down.  I was so scared and suddenly the earth opened up.
I asked: “Where are you taking me? What is happening to me?” We went straight into the earth, it was terrible and everywhere was so dark.  I didn't understand where the angels were taking me.  We got to a place where I could see a very bright light, there was a door under the earth, the door was very horrible, nothing on earth could describe how horrible that door was.
The Lord said, This is the door of Hell”.
I thought maybe I had been sentenced to Hell for all the evil I've done; there was a man in there waiting for me. The Lord Jesus Christ stretched forth His hands to me, waiting for me at the door of Hell.  He had a key with Him and as He opened the door of Hell with the key and I saw many horrible animals coming out.
I said, “Lord, what is happening to me, please Lord have mercy on me.”
Jesus replied, I'm going to show you Hell, all that is in Hell, for you to be frightened and also for other people through you to understand that there is Hell.
I said “Lord no I don't want to go there.”
The Lord said: Daughter come with Me, come...come.
When we got there, some demons tried to grab me but the Lord didn't permit it.  I said “Lord I don't want to see this please”, and  tried to cover my face with my hands, but everything was still very visible to me. In Hell, you see everything, hear everything and feel everything the same way as the lost souls in Hell. I saw how the souls in Hell were suffering.
The First Group of Souls I Saw in Hell:
Gays and Lesbians
The Lord took me to a place that had "Christians".  While on Earth, these people served the Lord, but they were also doing things that didn't please God. They died and are now in Hell.  I saw a pastor that had twisted the word of God, he was homosexual. He wasn't a child of God because the children of God don't do such things.  I saw how demons were tormenting that pastor who twisted the Word of God. The demons put him on a tube and kept turning him round.  He was suffering a lot of torments.  On Earth he was abusing little children and also his fellow men.
I you are doing anything like this, you must know that Hell is real, and there are punishment awaiting all who are disobedient to the Word of God.
I saw how his soul exploded, and then his remains re-formed back together, to endure that same torment again.  The Lord said to him: Son, you had all the opportunity on Earth to repent and amend your ways. Jesus showed him a screen.  On the screen he could see that while he was on Earth, an elderly person told him not to follow the wrong way, telling him to obey the Word of God.
Every word that The Lord spoke to him through different means was all shown to him on the screen.  But he refused to repent and amend his ways.  And one day, he had an accident and died.  Now he is in Hell.  He pretended to be a pastor, but he wasn't.  When Jesus turned His back away form this man, that man started blaspheming God. 
There is no love in Hell, nothing good in Hell, just pain and sorrow.  It was so bad in Hell that I felt like dying, so I said, “Lord, I want to die.” Jesus replied, Daughter you are dead.  Experiencing what souls suffer in Hell, My daughter.”  I said: “Lord, I can't take it anymore, my soul is burning, the heat is terrible, Lord I can't.”
The Second Group of Souls I Saw in Hell:
The Prostitutes
We went to another place, where I saw demons tormenting woman in Hell.  I saw a woman who worked as a prostitute on Earth.  In her life, the Lord brought her out of prostitution, and she got saved.  But she fell back into prostitution again and was worse than before.  One day she was murdered and now is in Hell.  God hates all these acts of wickedness; these are abominations in His sight.
She was naked, she was placed flat, and I saw the demons torment her.  I begged Jesus, “Lord, have mercy on her.”  But Jesus replied, No daughter, she had all the opportunity while on earth to repent.The Lord showed her a screen and we could see how different Evangelists told her to surrender her life to Jesus, but she never obeyed the voice of God, and now she is in Hell.
This message is to all women selling themselves for money [prostitutes]. Maybe you’re doing that for money to raise your children, maybe you don't have a husband. God is telling you today to return back to Him. God will provide for you and your family.  To all women prostituting themselves, I'm saying this to you, repent today and return back to God.  God has give me this warning to save your soul, so you won't go to that place of torment.
The Third Group of Souls I Saw in Hell:
Liars and Gossipers
The Lord took me to another place where the liars and gossipers were. I saw their torments, it's very tough. It's hard talking about Hell. Gossiping can make you lose your salvation, maliciously talking about your neighbors can make you lose your salvation; talking about your Pastor can make you lose your salvation. Repent today and return back to God, and God will return back to you.
I asked: “Lord, this is as a result of gossip?” and He said: Yes, just for gossiping.”   I asked: “But Lord, we ask for mercy when we sin against you?” Jesus replied, No, these people didn't ask for mercy, and now they are paying for their sins.
For this reason we have to reconcile with God everyday because no one knows when he or she will die. Don't go out of the presence of God, gossip can make you lose your salvation.

The Forth Group of Souls I Saw in Hell:
The torments for idolaters was terrible. To all women serving Maria Lionsa, do you know who she is? She is a principality; she is a demon. The Lord showed me that Maria Lionsa is a demon, many witches were prostrating to worship her in Hell, and the demons tormented them terribly.  The flames in Hell never go away, they burn day and night, forever. 
Please, remember this, idolaters cannot see the face of the Lord.  God wants to change your life, God wants you to stop worshiping and adoring images; God wants you to adore Him. There is only one God, beside Him there is no other God.  (Exodus 34:14)
The souls there are being forced to worship her, even though they no longer wanted to.  They are being seriously tormented, and forced to smoke cigarettes in Hell while worshiping her.
satan is a liar, satan comes to kill and destroy, but Jesus Christ has come to give you life, and life abundantly. (John 10:10) God Almighty is calling you today.  I wish you could understand this message and the good things that God has planned for you.  But remember Hell is real.
I was in Hell for about 16 hours so that I could fully understand the message, so I can passionately preach the message of salvation to everyone.
I saw barbara in Hell, I saw shango. You who are worshiping and adoring the idol Barbara, throw her out of your house, she is a principality says The Lord, she is the demon behind prostitution.
Barbara has no love, she is full of destruction, there are lots of homes without peace, she is the demon behind such homes.  Perhaps you have her image in your house. How I wish you could understand this message and the plan of God for you.  This demon, barbara was forcing people to worship her in Hell, the souls in Hell burn forever in terrible flames.
I asked Jesus, “Didn't You give these people the opportunity to amend their ways?” and He replied, Yes, I sent my Saints to them.”  They were shown on a screen all the opportunities they had while on Earth.  The souls in Hell have no excuse to present to The Lord.
If you don't repent and amend your ways, your will see how death will surprise you and you will eventually end up in Hell.

The Fifth Group of Souls I Saw in Hell
The Lord took me to another place in Hell, that appeared like a big club. I heard the souls there shouting and crying for mercy. I asked: “What is going on here?”
Jesus said, “Take this message to all those drinking alcoholic drinks, to all those drinking alcohol day and night, to all those drinking into their body things that don't edify them, to all those using even their children's money for alcoholic drinks, take this message to all those women that drink alcohol, for them to amend their ways through this message.
I saw a table placed before these lost souls.  On the table were drinks, and the souls were forced to drink against their will. They were engulfed in flames, and in the bottles they were drinking from was just acid.  I saw how their souls exploded and cried, “Lord nooo! I can't take this anymore.”
I saw a man in Hell.  While on Earth the Lord had sent an Evangelist to him while He was drinking in a bar. The Evangelist told him to give his life to Jesus Christ, because the Evangelist felt he was going to die soon. This man insulted the Evangelist; calling her a mad woman. That same day, he came out of the bar drunk, he had an accident and now he is in Hell.  He was being forced to drink in Hell, he tries to escape the torment, but the demons would not let him, he will be tormented Hell forever.
Cigarette Smokers
Cigarette smokers also have a place in Hell!  All those smoking marijuana have their place in Hell, they are tormented forever.
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Worshiping and Adoring Images
Maybe you call yourself a Christian or whatever and you're still honoring or adoring or worshiping images, you have to repent today and give your life to Jesus Christ.
In Hell, there are men and women. You can be very rich here on earth if you want, you are going to Hell if you don't surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Your money cannot buy your salvation. Your salvation has been bought by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Another man was being obligated to drink and I asked The Lord who he was.
The Lord said: “That man, he was my saint, he left me and went his own ways and eventually died in sin.”
Everything The Lord said about that man was being shown on the screen, the message, the day and the time the Lord sent the message to him. That man is in Hell now because of his disobedience.
You might be saying this is not true, but I'm here to tell you that Our Lord Jesus Christ is real.
These are women that served The Lord while they were on earth, but they didn't want to change and accept the doctrines of God rather they preferred to serve God in their own pattern. The torment I saw in this place was worse than the one I saw before.
I felt very so much sorrow for these women of God in Hell because they served The Lord while they were on earth.
The Lord said to me: “I always spoke to them, I tried to correct them with some of my Saints but they didn't want to understand the purpose.”
The Lord showed me one of these women, she was sitting on a chair and the chair was full of flames of fire, suddenly a demon came pouring some liquid on her head.
I asked: “Lord why are you crying?”
The Lord said to me: “I suffered a lot for the souls that are in Hell. She was my Saint, I corrected her not to love the world nor the things of the world.” The Lord was correcting her to stop dyeing her hair.
The Lord said to me: “She was ashamed of the grey hair I gave her, she was trying to present herself in another form.”
My hair was black and I wanted it black-blue. The Lord said to me: “Don't be ashamed of what I have given you.” The demons continued to torment her, she cried to The Lord for help. The Lord told her it was too late and she started blaspheming. [Translator: God have mercy]
We cannot live in pretense, one day we will all have gray hair.
As the demons were pouring the liquid upon her head, her neck fell side ways, her hair was falling down, she stretched forth her hands trying to seek for help.
I said Lord: “I can't take this anymore.”
I tried to cover my face because I was dyeing my hair also but I couldn't cover my face.
The Lord said to me: “Don't be ashamed of what I have given to you.”
She had very long hair, she was a very beautiful woman and she wanted to be more beautiful than the way she was but she committed a very terrible error. If God has given us grey hair, we have to accept it because it’s from God; this has to be fulfilled in our lives.
I said: “Lord I didn't know that dyeing hair is a sin.”
I said: “Lord help her, have mercy on her.”
The Lord sent a Pastor to this woman while she was still on earth; she was an Evangelist while she was on earth. This woman was preaching and teaching. Like some, when they are preaching, they try to present themselves first to the congregation for them to be accepted the way they are so that they can preach and teach what they want.
This woman never wanted to understand God's purpose, she eventually died and she is in Hell now, this was a woman that served The Lord.
The Lord said: “Daughter I'm going to show you women that wear make-up on their faces.” 12
I said: “Lord I use make-up also, I apply powder on my face for me to look more beautiful, to cover up the dark sports on my face.”
The Lord said: “Those things do not please me, I'm only pleased with the natural look of My Saints, a woman is to please me and her husband so she doesn't need make-up to look beautiful to anyone Says The Lord to me.”
At that moment I saw a woman that was holding a mirror in her hands and demons were obligating her to paint her face, she applied a liquid on her face and her flesh fell off her face.
Perhaps you are listening to this message and you' re saying that make-up is not a sin, I will tell you this now; when God speaks, we all have to obey. That woman disobeyed while she was on earth, she was using make-up here on earth and now she is in Hell. She is in Hell now, being obligated to paint her face day and night.
I saw other women too who were using make-up on earth.
The Lord said: “Those things don't please me, do you remember when I said he who loves the world is an enemy of God?”
We have to obey that verse of the Bible:
1 John 2:15 - Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
We will all be judged with this word. All types of make-up you use here on earth, you will use it there in Hell too. I was using wet-lips to make my lips shine and call the attention of others.
I said: “Lord forgive me, because I was guilty of this.”
The Lord said: “I'm doing this because of the Love I have for your soul, to bring the fear of its gravity into you, for you to understand the gravity of the consequences so that you can tell the others to stop using make-up.”
The woman was in flames while she was still being obligated by the demons to keep painting her face, her face, her lips fell down.
Women of God, Women of God don't look at your neighbour, look at your own life today and ask the Lord, say: “Lord, what are the things that I'm doing that don't please you?” ask The Lord and He will give you an answer, God does give answers.
The Lord said to me: “Now I'm going to show you where women that use jewelries are.”
There I saw a woman who was being obligated by demons to wear earrings on her ears, a very big serpent came to her as she put the earrings on her ears and the serpent wrapped itself around her neck.
The Lord is totally against women that use jewelries. I said: “Lord but this is just an ordinary jewelry.”
The Lord said: “My daughter those things don’t please me.” 13
The Lord took me to a place where I saw a woman who was crying, screaming in Hell.
I asked: “Lord who is that woman?” and the Lord said: “I will show you who she is.”
She was a woman I knew many years ago, since I gave my life to The Lord; I never preached the message of salvation to this woman.
The Lord said to me: “She is here in Hell because of you. I wanted to save her soul through you but you never went to tell her about me.” I said: “Lord, have mercy on me!”
The woman cried unto The Lord for mercy and I said: “Lord have mercy on her.”
This woman was the type of woman that was given to alcoholic drinks while she was on earth.
The Lord showed her on the screen all the opportunities she had while on earth to surrender her life to Him but she refused. The day I was moved to speak to this woman, I didn't preach to her because she told me she was going to kill me if I should speak to her about The Lord. I was scared and there was no way I could preach to her.
She is in Hell now; her name is Augustina. She is suffering in Hell now.
I saw a man who was being obligated to use drugs in Hell, he was given something like a cigarette full of flames to smoke and I said: “Lord who is this man?” and the Lord said to me: “Come and see who he is.”
I went closer to him to see who the man was and I was surprised to see my brother Esau in Hell, I felt so much sorrow to see how my brother was suffering in Hell, I said: “Lord have mercy on my brother.”
He stretched forth his hands full of flames asking for mercy from The Lord.
The Lord said to my brother: “Son do you remember you gave your life to me while you were in prison and you asked me to bring you out of the prison that you would serve me all your life?
My brother said: “Lord I know I do remember, but please forgive me, just give me the opportunity to come out of this place.”
The Lord showed him a screen and we could see when he was in prison so many years ago, The Lord showed him the day and all the promises he made to serve The Lord.
The Lord brought him out of the prison so he could serve him and while he was out, he refused to fulfill his promises to serve The Lord and two years later he was assassinated in the very arms of my mother. My brother died in a very terrible way because of his disobedience. 14
This is my brother that I'm talking to you about. My own brother in Hell, it's terrible. I didn't want to say this to the public but The Lord said I must say it. I cried the more when I saw my brother in Hell.
The Lord showed me a woman that was a Pastor while she was on earth; she was sitting on a chair full of flames. A wig [artificial hair] was being put on her head in Hell and another on top.
The Lord said to me: “She was my saint sometime ago, she was a Pastor, she was a great woman of God, I used her mightily, but she disobeyed my word. I said Lord have mercy on her.”
She stretched forth her hands to the Lord seeking for help. I know that story of this woman will cause an emotional breakdown.
She was a woman that served the Lord, she taught she had it all, she diverted the doctrines of God, she exchanged The Lord for the things of the world, she was doing things that didn't please God; she always said vain words. The Lord showed her on a screen all she did while she was on earth.
The Lord asked her: “Daughter can you remember when I brought my word to you through my saint Elma?”
My sister Elma spoke with the woman while she was on earth and she insulted my sister, she refused to obey and the Lord said: “That was your opportunity for you to amend your ways and return back to me but you refused and this is your punishment. Can you remember when your daughter embraced you and said to you Mother come back you never listened.”
The Lord turned His back against her and the woman started blaspheming. [Translator: God have mercy]
I asked: “Lord why are you crying?”
The Lord said: “You can't imagine how I feel seeing the souls that are here on earth.”
The Lord said to me: “I'm going to show you something my daughter, I hadn't shown this to anyone before. I want you to see this so you can understand that satan is a liar, satan is an imitator.”
I said: “Lord please bring me out of this place, I can't take it anymore.”
The Lord showed me a throne in Hell; I saw the throne of satan in Hell. Satan is imitating God Almighty in Hell, I saw him sitting on his throne. Satan is very horrible; he pretends to have hierarchy.
I could see his angels around him but they are all demons. He was wearing a white robe full of stains and very dirty. I saw twenty-four elders adoring satan in Hell, they dropped their crowns and worshiped him. I could see they were all demons.
The throne of satan is full of imitation of the things in Heaven, everything was looking so horrible. 15
I asked: “Lord what is this?”
At that same moment, satan called one of his demons and asked the demon to go and bring a particular person to Hell. The demons do what ever the devil asks them to do. Satan always sends his demons to the earth for destruction.
The Lord said: “I want you to know that satan is an imitator, I want you to know that satan is real, satan wants to destroy the world.”
Right there I could see a demon in form of a satanic angel with very long nails holding a book on his hand. This demon was writing in the book the names of the people that would go to Hell.
I asked: “Lord why are they doing this?”
The Lord said: “Go and tell the world the people without Jesus Christ in their lives, satan has written down all their names in the book of Hell.”
The Lord said to me: “Watch, this demon has been sent to the high way to cause accidents,” said the Lord to me. “There are lots of accidents happening in different places, satan and his demons are responsible for all these things.”
I said: “Lord this is horrible”.
The Lord said: “It's necessary that you see all these things so that you can be able to explain to the world what Hell really is, for the world to know and believe that Hell does exist.”
Then The Lord was taking me to another place, I said: “Take me out of this place, this place is horrible please.”
The Lord held my hand as we were still going and suddenly came a very horrible demon, a very big demon with long nails.
The demon grabbed my hair and flew away with me, at this moment I couldn't see The Lord, The Lord disappeared and left me alone. The demon dragged me to another place and other demons came committing all sorts of disasters with me.
A voice was speaking to my mind saying: “You're going to spend your eternity here in Hell and you will be tormented, and you will feel all the pains and sorrow that are here in Hell.”
I said: “Lord I can't take this, I can't take this.”
And another demon came to me with a very long mouth, he climbed on me, I tried to push him away but I couldn't. He forced his mouth into my mouth and my I could feel his saliva all over my mouth, I cried: “Lord why are you permitting this to happen to me?” 16
The Lord said: “It is necessary, it is necessary for you to talk to the people on earth about what Hell really is, so they can understand the purpose.”
The Lord said: “I AM A HOLY GOD, there are a lot of people in the church, doing all sorts of immoral acts with their mouths.”
I asked: “Lord, how can I say all these things?”
The Lord said to me: “Say everything I have shown to you.”
The Lord showed me a screen and I could see a lot of immorality, there are a lot of people in the church today committing different kinds of secret sins.
I asked: “Lord what is this?”
The Lord said: “Tell them to change, tell them that I AM HOLY GOD. Tell them that their mouth is for them to glorify me and not for immorality.”
I said: “Lord take this demon off my body”, because the demon was sucking all my body, his saliva was very black all over my body it was terrible, the smell of Hell is horrible worse than a decayed dead dog. The smell is beyond my description. I said “Lord help me, I can't take this anymore.”
The Lord said to me: “Daughter calm down, it is very necessary for you to go through all these things”. I asked: “Lord why did you leave me alone?”
Another demon came, he took me to another place were I saw some other souls dancing, I asked: “Lord, what is next for me to do now?”
I was placed to dance in flames, there were some things there; obligating me to dance, I asked, “Lord why is this happening to me?”
The Lord said: “Because you are a dancer, you dance at the sound of every Christian music and every other music that pleases you.”
The Lord said to me: “Those things does not please me.”
I said: “Lord forgive me, I won't do it again.”
The Lord said: “Just like you, there are a lot of people like that among my people dancing like the people of the world, they move their waists like the worldly people. Those things don’t please me.”
I said: “Lord forgive me, have mercy on me”, because my soul was burning, I was in flames. I can tell you how terrible it is to be in Hell because my soul was there, I'm not telling you lies, I'm telling you the truth, Hell is real, I was there.
The demons brought me out of that place and took me to another place. There were a lot of worms in that place, the worms entered into different parts of my body through my ears, my eyes. 17
I said: “Lord, please have mercy on me, I will do all you've asked me to do but please bring me out of this place.”
The Lord said: “This is very necessary, so everyone can understand that Hell is real, lots of people says that Hell does not exist, you go and tell them that Hell do exist.”
Right there I remembered in the book of [Luke 16:19 - 31] talking about the Rich man and Lazarus. When my brother stretched forth his hands he said: “Lord send this message to my family so they won't come to Hell.”
The Lord said to me: “Remember the story of The rich man and Lazarus, when the rich man requested that Lazarus should be sent back to earth to tell his family that Hell does exist.”
I was taken out of the place where I was being tormented by worms.
The Lord said to me: “It's very necessary that you say all these things you've seen for souls to be saved, I'm doing all this for the love I have for humanity. I was going to lose you if I hadn't brought you here.”
The Lord said: “A lot of souls will be saved through the testimony.”
I said: “Lord please bring me out of Hell, I can't be here.”
I went through a lot of torments in Hell with flames all over my body, suddenly a bright light came forth and the Lord appeared to me. I ran to the Lord and embraced Him. I asked, “Lord why did you leave me alone? Why did you leave me alone? Why???”
The Lord said: “Yes my daughter”.
The Lord said: “Daughter, it was necessary that you feel the pains that souls suffer here in Hell so that you would be able to explain it to the rest of the world.”
Then the Lord took me out of there; The Lord showed me other things, which I cannot say now. God will tell me when to say the other things I saw. Now I'm only going to tell you about the things that The Lord asked me to talk about.
The Lord said: “I will show you where I told my disciples, that I was going to prepare a place for them, that where I am, there they will be; so that you can tell everyone that all these things are real.”
The Lord was taking me straight to Heaven, then I saw a very big door open.
I said: “Lord, Hell is horrible but this place [heaven] is beautiful.”
The Lord said to me: “Daughter, I will show you Heaven”.
And I saw a place like a big city in Heaven; yes I call that place a big city because it's exactly what I saw. The Lord took me to a street in Heaven, the street of Heaven is made of gold. It is real made up of gold. I saw beautiful flowers along the streets of Heaven. Very beautiful flowers no flower here on earth to describe the flowers in Heaven. 18
The Lord took me to a place and He said to me: “I'm going to show you a river; I'm going to place you there.” There were some stones in the river; the river is like a glass. The stones in the river were shining, there were fishes inside the river also and The Lord brought out a fish from the river on His palms and the fish was happy, playing on the palms of The Lord.
I said Lord: “Put the fish back into the river, the fish is going to die.”
The Lord said: “No one dies here, death doesn't exist here, this place is full of life, everything here is life.”
I said: “Lord, there are a lot of people there being tormented, why didn't you give them the opportunity to amend their ways and come here to Heaven.”
The Lord said: “They are there as a result of their disobedience.”
The Lord took me like a little child from the place of the river to another place. That river is a very beautiful river. Everything waiting for us in Heaven all is beautiful.
Then I made a petition unto The Lord, I asked the Lord: “Where are the souls you saved? Where are they in Heaven?”
The Lord said: “I will show them to you.”
The Lord took me to a place and He showed me one of my Sisters in Christ who died, her name is Aurora Esperanza. The Lord showed me another sister; she was the daughter of one of my sisters, sister Grace. She was looking so young and beautiful.
The Lord said: “THESE ARE MY SAINTS.”
She has so much peace in Heaven; the Saints in Heaven are just like Angels. I saw young Saints in Heaven, their clothes were different, the place the Lord showed me is full of beautiful flowers, a very beautiful place with a very sweet smell.
I was in Heaven, I saw heaven, I touched Heaven.
The Lord said to me: “Now I will show you where the garments of My Saints are.”
I asked the Lord: “Are you going to show me my own garment?”
The Lord said: “I will show you the garments of My Saints.”
The Lord showed me some garments, white garments decorated with gold. The garments have golden belts and they are all with their names written on them. The Lord also showed me other garments. These garments are for some people that are still in the world that haven't received Our Lord Jesus Christ yet.
The Lord said to me: “These are the garments of My Saints and these are the garments of some other people that are still in the world, they haven't received me yet.” 19
I said: “Lord I want to see the crowns, I want you to show me the crown of my Pastor, and my own crown, Lord I want to see my crown.”
The Lord said: “I will show them to you.” The Lord showed me the crowns, very beautiful crowns. I will tell you about the crown of my Pastor, I asked the Lord to show me her crown because I wanted to bring my Pastor good tidings.
The Lord showed me my crown, my crown was without stones, it wasn't like the other crowns that impressed me so much like my Pastor’s.
I asked the Lord: “Why is my crown without stones?”
The Lord said: “You can't understand all she has gone through to have this kind of crown with plenty of stones on it.”
An angel was appointed to place the crowns and also put stones on the crowns, when people repent and come to Jesus Christ, when you win souls to the Kingdom of Heaven, the angel would put a stone on your crown. When you help the less privileged, the angel will add another stone to your crown, When you help the widow, the angel will add another stone to your crown, When you help the poor and the homeless, the angel will add more stones to your crown.
The Lord was talking to me about my Pastor. He said that she has suffered a lot for the Kingdom sake; that my Pastor had gone through a lot to have that kind of crown. She has so much passion for souls.
The Lord said: “Tell her to hold tight what she has so that another person won’t take her crown.”
I told my Pastor all that The Lord told me. Then The Lord showed me the crowns of all His Saints.
He showed me crowns of people that are yet to give their lives to Him but are yet still in the world.
The Lord said: “Daughter I will show you something”.
From a distance, I saw a very big throne, a very precious throne.
The Lord said: “This is the throne of my Father.”
The Lord was sitting there; the brightness of the throne could not let me see much beyond, I saw some elders laying down their crowns and prostrating to worship The Lord. They don't stop worshipping the Lord in Heaven.
I saw a lot of angels standing round the throne of God. The book of Revelation talks about this place, Heaven is real. I saw Heaven because I was there.
The Lord said: “Daughter tell the world that Heaven is real, speak my daughter.”
I asked: “Lord, do you think they will believe me?” 20
The Lord said: “YES”.
I was talking with The Lord just like I would talk to my own brother or to my Pastor.
I saw lots of angels in Heaven and whenever the angels see the Lord, they take off their crowns and prostrate themselves and worship the Lord. I was full of joy seeing all these things.
The Lord said: “Daughter, ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO ME, ALL THE GLORY IS MINE.” Said The Lord to me.
At this moment I could understand that God does not share His glory with anyone. The angels were singing, worshipping The Lord all the time, they don't stop to worship The Lord. I saw how the church of good Pastors was worshipping The Lord, My sister Yasmine was directing them.
The Lord said: “Tell the choir of the church of good pastors to worship Me and stop doing things that don't please Me. Tell them that whenever they are worshiping Me, the angels in Heaven worship along with them.”
This message is to all worshipers, The Lord wants you all to worship Him more,
“Tell them to worship me”: said The Lord.
The angels were playing different instruments, worshiping The Lord.
The angels are very beautiful. When they were worshiping The Lord, I saw so much peace in them; the worship was from their hearts.
The Lord took me to another place, I saw seven angels holding seven trumpets, and close to them were other seven angels with cups in their hands. Very tall and huge angels, they were wearing very white garments, the garments were so white, and the whiteness is beyond my description.
I asked: “Lord who are these angels?”
The Lord said: “These angels are waiting to be sent on earth, to destroy the earth”
The angels are with the trumpets in their hands already, they are only waiting for the Lord to instruct them to sound the trumpets.
I asked: “Lord why are they very tall?”
The Lord said: “Because they are princes.”
I intended to ask more questions.
The Lord said to me: “Don't be too curious, don't ask too many questions, only say the things I've shown to you, the things I have asked you to say. Tell them that there is only one Heaven and there is no other, tell them that I'm real, because a lot of people don't talk much about me, tell them God is up there waiting for them.” 21
The Lord said: “now I will show you what is happening among my people.”
The Lord showed me a place, that place was with a veil.
The Lord said: “See what is going on in my Church. In my Church there are a lot of things that don't please me, I will only present to my Father a Holy nation, my Church is not ready. Go tell them to prepare because the trumpet is about to sound.”
The Lord said: “Now I will show you where the Saints will dine with me.”
The Lord showed me a very big dining table, well decorated with a white cloth, golden cups, with chairs all over and all the seats have the names of the Saints written on them. I couldn't understand the names, I asked the Lord to show me my own seat.
The Lord showed me my seat and he said: “Tell my church to prepare, tell my people that the table is prepared” said The Lord to me.
I said: “Lord this is beautiful, I wanted to sit in one of the seats.
The Lord said: “Don't sit on it, it’s not yet time.”
Then I saw the angels going to and fro and one of them came spoke to The Lord directly into His ears, I asked the Lord: “What did he say?”
The Lord said: “Don't be curious.”
Then the angel came back again spoke into the ears of Our Lord.
The Lord said: “Daughter it's time, it's time for you to return back, tell my Church to prepare, tell them all I have shown you.”
I said Lord: “Nooooo, I don't want to go back.”
The Lord said: “Yes you have to go and tell them everything you've seen, tell them that the table is already served, ready waiting for you, you have to prepare yourselves.”
As we were going, the Lord said: “My Church is like this, some are double minded, some are hypocrites, some are not ready, some don't adore me, some do things in my house because they are obligated to do them, some want to be seen and praised by their pastors.”
The Lord showed me a church, I saw a preacher who was preaching on the altar and suddenly his mobile phone rang, this preacher stopped preaching, he went out to attend to his mobile phone. 22
The Lord said: “Can you see how they ignore my presence, see how they ignore my presence, when a man is preaching, he is preaching my word. They prefer to attend to a mobile phone than attending to me.”
The Lord said: “Talk, talk to the Pastors to forget about their own doctrine, they can hate you if they want, but a lot of people will understand the purpose why I brought you here and a lot of people will repent said The Lord.”
To you Pastor, people might hate you when you decide to do the will of God. It’s not important if they hate you, forget about your doctrine, follow up with the doctrine that God has given you. Don't try to please anyone, don't compromise.
The Lord said: “I'm going to unite my Church together, I only have one Church, I have no other Church on earth but just one Church. This is the Church I will take to Heaven; this is the Church I will present to My Father.”
We The Evangelical Ministry are The Church Of God, those that have surrendered all to Jesus Christ. Those that don't sin anymore, all that have forsaken their old ways to do the will of God, those that are born again. These are the people that will see the face of The Lord.
My testimony is coming to an end here, I've told you all that The Lord asked me to say; to the glory of God. All the glory, all the glory belongs to God.
I'm here by the mercy of God, just by the mercy of God telling you the things The Lord asked me to say. This message will go into your heart and change your life so that you can repent.
Ask the Lord: “Lord in what area am I failing?” The Lord will respond to you.
I want to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you, Jesus Christ loves you, He wants to change and transform your life. Jesus Christ doesn't want you to go to Hell but rather He wants you to go to Heaven, Heaven is real, and Hell is real, repent now and give your life to Jesus Christ. You can only have salvation in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is knocking at the door of your heart through this message, seek The Lord with all your heart and He will do great things with you.
The Lord said: “All these things I have shown you had been prophesied in The Book of Ezekiel, The Book of Daniel and in The Book of Revelation. All these revelations are all there in the Bible.”
I pray this testimony will transform your life to the glory of God. AMEN.

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