Friday, January 11, 2013

A Love letter from the Lord by Susan Davis

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Words of the LORD:
“I am the Ever Flowing SOURCE of all that men truly long for in their depraved, empty hearts.”
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, December 30, 2012)

WE May Begin:
I am YAHUSHUA, your LORD and SAVIOR.  I died an agonizing death for all humanity: to fulfill MY Promise to all mankind; to bring down MY enemy; to set the captives free; to show MYSELF Great in all the universe; to show MY Kindness, MY Love, MY Unfailing Radical Love.  I gave all—no small task.  I bled, MY Blood was shed and it was given in humble submission by a Great KING of all the universe.
I left MY Home on high, lowered MYSELF in a great act of humility taking the form of a human to show forth MY Great Love to MY creation, to demonstrate the Heart of GOD toward those who would receive ME throughout eternity for all those past and to come who need a SAVIOR.  This was the height of MY Love—a Love that cannot be contained, held back, or pent up.
MY Love is a flood, a deluge, a powerful force.  Once you come near ME and experience MY Love after you surrender your all to ME you will be changed by the Love that flows freely to you.  It is unending.  It never stops, it does not come short.  It is solid, ferocious, a sweeping wave: love that cannot be found anywhere else though men try.  The world will come up short though passions flare for a time in worldly pursuits, the coals die off because this world does not offer True LOVE, Love that is resilient, uncompromising, unfaltering, undying, eternal flame.  That is MY Love.  I am LOVE—all other loves only copy that which is MINE to give; created from the Heart of GOD copied by a fallen world, but always falling short because the source doesn’t come from love’s CREATOR: the True SOURCE of LOVE Everlasting.
I am HE, I am LOVE.  MY Word is LOVE; MY Sacrifice is LOVE Everlasting, a demonstration of the Greatest Show of LOVE.  Come live in Love.  Be surrounded by the beauty of MY Love—learn MY Ways of Love and Loving: Loving others, forgiving, and living in peace with your GOD.
I have Love you don’t know about.  It is the Love that is eternal in MY Coming Kingdom of Love.  Don’t deny yourself Love Everlasting, Pleasures at MY Right Hand, Holiness, Purity, Treasures Laid up, Eternal Love and Companionship with your GOD.  Come experience wholeness, beauty, forgiveness, peace.  I am the Ever Flowing SOURCE of all that men truly long for in their depraved, empty hearts—always longing, but never satisfied, because they do not seek ME, their GOD, SOURCE of Love, SOURCE of All Truth.
Come melt in MY Arms—I can be trusted.  I am safe.  I do not harm.  I heal the broken hearted.  I seal the wounds of deep past sadness.  I am FATHER to the fatherless.  HUSBAND to the widows, HEALER to the bleeding, SHEPHERD to the lost, COMFORTER to the weary.  I am SIGHT to the blind, I am STRENGTH to the weak, I am FRIEND to the lonely, I am SALVATION to the sinner.
You will never find a greater love than MINE.  It does not exist though men look and seek for it.  I am LOVE.  Where else can you find True Love?  Many have separated themselves from this Great LOVE.  The road is narrow to the Great Broad Endless LOVE.  Those who discover this Narrow Path will never die.
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