Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My name is Melea 21 years old from Quezon
City Philippines. In Feb 2015 I had my 3rd
prophetic experience from the Lord. I remember
the night, I was sleeping peacefully. At first I
had a random dream, but after that, my spiritual
senses became active. I knew my position while
sleeping. I knew in my spirit that I was in a
dream vision again. Here's the scenario, I’ll try
my very best to describe this accurately: I knew
that it wasn’t me, I knew that I just played
someone else role. (Take note of this) She was
a young lady, aged 15 or 16 years old and was a
lukewarm Christian (Rev3,16). She was blonde-
haired and her friends as well. So that means
the girl lives somewhere in America or western
nations. On that scene, I was playing on a
skateboard. (Take note I am playing her role) My
friends and me are enjoying skate and watching
me ride it. I knew that I wasn't as professional
as them but I just continued.
All-of-a-sudden I saw a red car approaching
toward me and then I was out of balanced and
was struck off through the glass door of a flower
shop. I felt the incredible pain on my head. Then
I was dead on the spot. I saw my spirit instantly
left my body. I saw myself bathing on my own
blood. I also have seen my head crushed and
the glass door. Then I saw an angel standing
behind me. But we both disappeared in just a
second! After that, I saw myself standing before
a tall, dirty, rusty gate!! The background was
darkness, there's no source of light.
Then I saw someone afar. He was hovering.
While approaching me, I can see that he is too
handsome, He was muscular and was in black
fitted shirt and pants. Immediately he
approached me and his face turned into an ugly
old beast, the one we call satan. I was startled
and my greatest fear happened again, it overtook
me completely. Then he spoke in an unfamiliar
language but I understood what he says "haha!
Now, you are here! Don't you know I've been
waiting for you? haha" he laughed again.
Suddenly, I was lifted up by an unseen force.
But I knew he did that. The force has thrown me
into tunnel-like place, it has a pit of I guess 4
feet. Then the force threw me heartlessly on
that pit. The pit was as hot as the lake I was
thrown from my previous experience. There were
flames all around. I began screaming in pain and
agony. And you know what hurts? I can feel the
torments on my sleeping body. Afterwards I was
lifted again by that force and he threw me into a
dark tunnel. The next scene was that I noticed I
was carried by a muscular dirty, smelly creature
that seem to be half animal demon. I got
extremely terrified by that! but brace yourselves
for the most appalling experience will take
place. While carried by that dumb demon, I saw
hundreds of people falling in line!!! They look
pale, hopeless and all naked!! I felt sudden pity.
Then the demon carelessly dropped me on a
something movable machine-like thing. I
wandered my eyes and realized I am inside of
something like a meat factory. I saw all sort of
organs!!! Upon seeing this, I got surpassingly
terrified. I'd never been so terrified as this. I
wept in my very best. I called and pleaded the
Lord to please take me out of this awful place!!!
but I cant feel the Lord's presence. I felt he
totally departed me (remember, I am playing
someone else role) then I saw a huge two
blades. As far as my eye could see. these were
perfectly sharped, made to cut a man's body.
After seeing this. I called again to the Lord "Oh
my Jesus, help me!!! Take me back on earth! I
promise I will be good! I will walk in holiness. I
will follow! Help me Lord!!!!!!" I screamed as I
Afterwards, I saw and heard a naked man whose
feet are to be cut off first. He shouted in an
awful, pitiful voice that made me more
terrified!!!! I can still remember every detail of
these scenes. If only I could draw them!!! The
machine-like thing moved and I realised I was
the next!! Meanwhile, I saw the demon pressing
the button! He was in control of everything!!! I
heard familiar worldly music and he were
dancing, laughing and enjoying every scenes!! He
was part wolf, part bear, part human. His saliva
was dripping, he seemed brainless, heartless,
such a dumb creature! When my feet are being
cut off, I screamed in agony!! It was incredibly
painful.. I could also feel it on my body!! I was
trying to remove the rope on my hands and belly,
but I couldn’t. I cried again and pleaded the
Lord. However, there's no one answering.
Afterwards, I reached the huge blade which
were to cut the belly of a human. When I saw
that, I screamed again I said "Oh my Lord. Help
me!!!! I promise to forgive those who wronged
me! I promise I will obey you. I will walk in
holiness! Help me!" I pleaded Him with my very
best and again, no one is answering. When my
belly are being cut off, I screamed again in
agony. I also felt it on my physical belly. It was
so unbearable. I kept on screaming and
screaming! Until I saw some transparent jars.
And surprisingly seen a man's brain!! I wandered
my eyes and saw hundreds of man's head. and
it was cut open. I screamed again in terror. I
never screamed like that in my whole life!!!! I
pleaded the Lord again "Oh God, take me out of
here! I promise I will serve you! I promise I will
live holy! Jesus help me!!! Please!!!!" and again...
no one answered.
Thereafter, I saw a man ahead of me, He was
the next to beheaded. I heard him scream
"Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!" Yes, I can still recall! Upon
seeing that, I finally got awakened!!!!! Praise the
Lord! I was half awake or I must say still in a
spiritual realm. Then here's what I saw and
heard: I heard many demon voices, little and big,
I got frightened. But what made me terrified
was the four demons in black on my left side
floating. Some of those spoke in a devillish way
"Don't you ever dare share that to anyone! Or
else, we will kill you! We will destroy you and
you'll gonna regret it! You must be silent and
keep it yourself!!" then the four and the other
demons laughed. I got speechless. I was
startled. And got terrified!
Suddenly I saw Jesus outside the window! I saw
him shining in splendor I cant see His face
because of his light. He spoke to me in spirit
"My daughter, are you still doubting? Can you
really obey me?" I can't speak as I am too
terrified by the demons. I heard some voices
said "He isn’t Jesus. don't entertain Him!" and
the other said "He is Jesus, call upon Him!" I
guess they were spirits of doubt. And then I saw
Him turning his back and heard Him crying! I
said "Yes Lord! I will obey you. I can do what
you have commanded!" I remember I quoted
John10:10 then all demons flew and vanished! I
cant see or feel them anymore!!
Meanwhile, I saw Jesus passed through the wall
and approached me and lifted my spiritual body!
He said "My, daughter, do not doubt, (I had been
struggling with doubt) how many times will I tell
you that I have called you? Be watchful in all
times, because the devil will surely try
something in order my plans to fail. But listen, I
will be with you wherever you may go. I will
uphold you. You are so precious to me. Don't be
afraid of them. Write these things you have seen
and experienced for you will testify among men.
Do not worry, do not doubt. I love you. I will
never leave you till the end of age. Time is
running out. Tell people I am coming soon!"
After that I felt an unspeakable joy.. I fell asleep
again and the random dream continued. But
when I woke up, I can still remember the very
detail of that hellish dream!!! Praise the Lord! All
glory and honor belongs to Him alone!!!
-- Rev 3, 15-16: “I know your works, that you are
neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold
or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and
neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My
-- Psalm 11, 6: “Upon the wicked He will rain
coals;Fire and brimstone and a burning wind
shall be the portion of their cup.”
-- Matt 18,34-35: “And his master was angry,
and delivered him to the TORTURERS until he
should pay all that was due to him. So My
heavenly Father also will do to you if each of
you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother
his trespasses.”
-- Rev 3, 19-22: "As many as I love, I rebuke and
chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.
Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone
hears My voice and opens the door, I will come
in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. To
him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on
My throne, as I also overcame and sat down
with My Father on His throne. He who has an
ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the
TYPE:" I will not go to hell"
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