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Obama Will Not Leave Office After 2016

For the second time this year, talk-radio giant
Rush Limbaugh has expressed his fear that
President Obama may not step down when his
term ends in 2017.
To make his point on his national broadcast
Tuesday afternoon, Limbaugh cited Obama’s
three-year extension of the Affordable Care
Act’s employer mandate.
This extension, said Limbaugh, is a cynical ploy
to “make sure this law doesn’t harm him and his
party politically.
It’s also is “impossible to implement, and “proof
that [Obamacare] is a disaster, it’s an
So, not surprisingly, Limbaugh continued,
“they’re delaying [the full implementation of
Obamacare] until Obama’s gone.”
“Although what evidence do we have that
Obama’s leaving?” Limbaugh added
Adopting a whining, skeptical voice, Limbaugh
mimicked naysayers: “‘Well, Rush, the
Constitution says … .’
“But the Constitution also says he can’t do what
he’s doing here. The text of Obamacare
specifically prohibits what Obama is doing. But
very few people are talking about that. ”
To those who fail to acknowledge the true
seriousness of the matter, and grumble about
Obama’s “political maneuvers,” Limbaugh
scoffed “he’s making illegal maneuvers. This is
not legal. This is not permitted.”
However, Limbaugh added, the average person
doesn’t seem to care about whether or not the
nation’s chief law-enforcement officer is himself
a lawbreaker – or even violating the
Constitution he swore under oath to defend.
You can read the rest of the article and watch
the video using the link above.
The identification of Obama as the Antichrist,
ALL the totality of the Scripture, not just few
verses, were taken into account.
The Antichrist is the Demonic Imposter.
Willingly or unwillingly, he mimics our Saviour,
Lord Jesus Christ. Barack Hussein Obama is
the Islamic Antichrist, sitting “in the temple of
God”. The Antichrist was called “the Messiah”,
the “Saviour”, Obama’s election for the 2nd term
was called “The Second Coming” by the media;
on September 11, 2011, Barack Obama
proclaimed himself the God of the Bible, and on
and on and on. This all was well-documented in
my paper “Daniel’s Miracle Blocks”, including
the fact that Daniel 9:25-27 put a big stamp
“The Antichrist” on the forehead of Mr. Obama.
Obama fulfilled ALL End Times prophecies in the
Bible about the Antichrist, up to and including
the “middle of the week” of Daniel 9:27 . No
one man in ALL history of humanity fulfilled the
Biblical Prophecies about the Antichrist, even if
someone, who still doubts, excludes March 22,
2013 as the “middle of the week”. No one man
in ALL human history, but Barack Hussein
Obama, fits so perfectly the Biblical prophecies
about the Antichrist! No one!
Some people may say that Obama is identified
as the Antichrist only because he, as the
President of the USA, is the most powerful
person in the world. Those people may say
that, in the past, other presidents of the USA
had the same power as Obama has now, and
some of past presidents were also blamed for
being the Antichrist. These people may also
claim that the notion that Barack Obama is the
Antichrist stems from belief that the Antichrist
will come from the European Union.
In the identification of Obama as the Antichrist,
ALL the totality of the Scripture, not just few
verses, were taken into account. Barack Obama
is the Islamic Antichrist. Show me that one of
the past presidents, or anyone else before
Barack Hussein Obama, fulfilled even few of the
Biblical prophecies about the Antichrist! No one
did! The crucial difference between the past
presidents of the USA and Barack Hussein
Obama is that ALL past presidents were
Christians, while Mr. Obama is a Muslim.
The Islamic Antichrist arose in the “temple of
God”, in the Christian country. But this fact has
nothing to do with the expectations that the
Antichrist will come from the European Union.
The Islamic Antichrist has nothing to do with
the European Union, but he has everything to do
with the Beast of the Revelation which
represents the satanic religion of Islam.
In Matthew 24:32-35 , Jesus gave a parable of
“the fig tree”:
Matthew 24:32-35
32. Now learn this parable from the fig tree:
When its branch has already become tender
and puts forth leaves, you know that summer
is near.
33. So you also, when you see all these
things, know that it is near—at the doors!
34. Assuredly, I say to you, this generation
will by no means pass away till all these
things take place.
35. Heaven and earth will pass away, but
My words will by no means pass away.
The fig tree represents the state of Israel,
which was established in 1948 AD. This is the
opinion of overwhelming majority of Biblical
commentators and Biblical scholars. The
generation which was born when the state of
Israel was established, according to Jesus, will
not pass away prior to the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ. The span of “generation” was
established in the Bible as 70 years. So,
according to Jesus, the Second Coming will
happen before the year of 2018 [1948 AD + 70
yrs = 2018 AD].
To reject the fact that we are in the Last Days,
with just a few years to the End, is to reject
Jesus’ words or drastically reinterpret them.
Many Prophets of God, such as Isaiah, Amos,
Ezekiel, Zechariah and others prophesied about
the future re-gathering of the Jewish people in
the land.
Prophet Isaiah, in Isaiah 11:11-12 , talks about
re-gathering of the Jewish people from all four
corner of the world in the land second time.
Isaiah is talking about the creation of the state
of Israel in 1948 AD. For Isaiah, who lived in
the Southern Kingdom of Judea it is the second
future re-gathering of the Jews in the land.
The first re-gathering which is a first future (for
Isaiah’s time) re-gathering happened after the
Babylonian captivity. The Jews were allowed to
return in Judea by the edict of the Cyrus the
Great in 538 BC. Second re-gathering happened
in 1948 AD, many centuries after 70 AD when
Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed and
the Jews were dispersed all around the world.
Both re-gatherings were prophecies about the
future for the time of Isaiah who lived in 8th
century BC.
Prophet Amos, in Amos 9:14-15 , says that, after
that re-gathering of the Jewish people in the
land, “no longer shall they be pulled up”.
Prophet Ezekiel, in Ezekiel 36:24-28, is
essentially saying that, after that re-gathering,
the Kingdom of God will follow.
In Matthew 24:32-35 , Jesus corroborated
prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Amos. It is
impossible to deny those prophecies or their
If you accept those prophecies, that means one
and only one thing – we are in the Last Days,
with just a few years separating us from the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
If it is so, that means one and only one thing:
the Antichrist is here and we are in the time
when the “middle of the week” of Daniel 9:27 is
already in the past. Because Barack Obama so
perfectly fulfilled all the Biblical prophecies
about the Antichrist, including the event which
happens in “the middle of the week” in Daniel
9:27 , there is no objective reason for anyone to
deny that Obama is the Islamic Antichrist.
Now, many people think that when Obama is out
of office and replaced by another president, all
talks about Obama being the Antichrist will
stop. And they are right! When and if this
happens, all talks about Obama being the
Antichrist will stop! The problem is this little
“if” : “ if it happens”.
The problem is that this will never happen.
Obama will never be replaced by another
president. I know that this claim sounds crazy
to any American. It sounds crazy to you
because you have not yet realized what
happened, and you still believe that you live in
the Constitutional Republic. In reality, it is not
Let me explain it to you. After Obama was
elected the president, I did a rigorous research
and I knew that he is a radical, that he, in fact,
is a Communist.
The hint of this fact can also be found in
Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father”:
“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I
chose my friends carefully. The more
politically active black students. The foreign
students. The Chicanos. The Marxist
professors and structural feminists and punk-
rock performance poets.”
Obama is a true follower of Saul Alinsky, who
was a Communist and a radical:
“Another key figure in Obama’s background
whose significance the media have chosen
largely to ignore is Saul Alinsky, the neo-
communist theoretician of community
mobilisation who insisted that radicals must
do “whatever-it-takes” to achieve power,
boring from within until they can bring
capitalism to its knees.”
As many of you may remember, during the first
term of his presidency, Bill Clinton tried to push
forward his healthcare program. This healthcare
program, which was very similar to Canadian,
was met with a wide opposition from the
American people. Bill Clinton dropped this very
unpopular program because he worried about
the re-election for the second term.
From the beginning of his presidency, Barack
Obama also pushed forward his healthcare
program. Like with Bill Clinton’s healthcare in
the past, Obama’s healthcare program was met
with the same wide opposition from the
American people. Nevertheless, unlike Bill
Clinton, Obama did not drop this issue, but, in
March 2010, he pushed his healthcare down the
throat of the American people.
At this point, I started to worry in earnest. I
started to worry because I realized that Obama
did not worry. He did not worry about the re-
election! He believed that his re-election is
already in his pocket!
This was confirmed by subsequent behavior of
Obama. Some of you may remember that, close
to the end of his first term, he was speaking
with a Russian high-level governmental official
at a press conference. When the conference
was over, thinking that microphones are
switched off, Obama privately told to this
official: “Tell Vladimir Putin that, after my re-
election, I will have more flexibility to deal with
this issue”. Unfortunately for Obama, the
microphones were still on and Obama’s words
were recorded. This incident was reported by
press agencies around the world.
Obama had no doubts that he will be re-
elected. And he had all reasons to think so.
Obama is a communist thug and he surrounded
himself with communist thugs. Communist
thugs do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to
keep the power. Reports of a massive voter
fraud during 2012 presidential election are
abundant and available for everybody who
wishes to research this issue.
To understand communist and their hold on
power it is not enough to read about it. You
may read about communists and their crimes
thousands of times and you will still not
comprehend it fully.
Stalin killed millions and millions of his own
people by man-made hunger, by governmental
expropriation of all grain from peasants. People
did not have grain to put it into the soil to raise
the crop. Stalin did it because people resisted
his collectivization program, when their private
land and cattle were to be taken by force from
them and placed in so-called “collective” use
under the total governmental control.
Don’t think that Hitler invented concentration
camps, because it was Stalin who did! Millions
of people died in Stalin’s concentrations camps
before and after World War II. These people
were shot to death, tortured to death or died
due to exhaustion of slave labor and starvation.
Stalin killed much more millions of people of the
USSR than Hitler did during World War II. Now,
tell me who was the real enemy of the Russian
people – was it Stalin or was it Hitler? Without
any hesitation I say to you: it was Stalin!
To understand communists, you must have your
own personal experience of life in the
communist country, you must experience
communism on your own skin.
I have this experience. I came to the USA from
the former Soviet Union. The major part of my
life I lived in this communist country. I
experienced communism on my own skin. I
know that there is no crime which communists
are unwilling to commit to hold to the power.
To keep the power they do not shy away from
mass murder of their own people by millions.
Do you think that you are Obama’s people? No,
you are not! His people are Muslims! If you
live in America and you are Jews or Christians,
you are not his people. Disregarding of color of
your skin, to Obama, you all represent white
racist America which he hates with passion.
Just take a look at that video below:
Obama’s goal is not just to be the US President
for two terms. His goal is to be the first Caliph
of the new Islamic Caliphate which he
relentlessly works to create. His goal is to
become the Mahdi. He can do it only if he
remains the President of the USA, the most
powerful man on the earth.
To achieve this goal, Obama will not shy away
from orchestrating the nuclear explosions over
American and European cities by the very end
of his second term.
Rahm Emanuel, who was Obama’s White House
Chief of Staff, said:
You never let a serious crisis go to waste.
And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity
to do things you think you could not do
What can be more serious crisis than nuclear
explosions in the USA and in Europe? Such
crisis will give “an opportunity to do things you
think you could not do before”, as Rahm
Emanuel said – such things as cancelling
coming presidential elections.
It is not just a coincidence that the calculations
in the paper “Daniel’s Prophecies &
Revelation” (located in the menu tab “Daniel 2″)
show that the Abomination of Desolation will be
set up on September 2, 2016, just before the
election of the next president. As it was
discussed in this paper, the Abomination of
Desolation, most likely represents a nuclear
blast. It will be the beginning of nuclear war,
the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
Graph: The Antichrist
[]————1260 days———–[]———– 1260 days
Oct 9………………..….Mar 22……………………..Sep 2……
Oct 3
Nobel Prize……..”middle of the week”………Abomin
of…Feast of
…………………….end to blood sacrifice………Desolat…
………………….……………[…………….. 1,290 days ……………]
As I mentioned above, to keep the power,
communists do not shy away from a mass
murder of their own people. Americans, you are
not Obama’s people. It will be very easy for
him to mass-murder you! Just think about that.
As the possessor of the power, Barack Hussein
Obama is much more dangerous to the
American people and to all people of the world,
in general, than Stalin was to the Russian
people. As the possessor of the power, Barack
Hussein Obama is dangerous as a Communist,
and he is dangerous as a Muslim, a devout
follower of the satanic religion of Islam
represented by the Beast, and a devout follower
of his murderous prophet Muhammad.
To re-establish the Islamic Caliphate, Barack
Hussein Obama orchestrated so-called “Arab
Spring” which resulted and still results in a
massive loss of lives of people in Muslim
countries. He does not care, it is just a
collateral damage for him. Goal justifies means,
after all!
By the end of his second term, to keep himself
in power, in order to re-establish the Islamic
Caliphate which is the Beast Empire, and to
become the first Caliph and Mahdi, Barack
Hussein Obama will not hesitate to orchestrate
a nuclear holocaust which will cost lives of
hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people.
Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe, is the
Life-Giver. Barack Hussein Obama will prove
himself as the life-taker on unprecedented
unimaginable scale. That is why he is THE
[End of Paper]
JULY 14, 2014 AT 4:13 AM
God bless you,I’ve been telling people the
same thing for over a year now and you
are the first person I’ve seen who has put
it all together.
JULY 18, 2014 AT 1:02 PM
To Jimmmmybrady:
Thank you for your appreciation.
God bless you!
OCTOBER 8, 2014 AT 5:38 PM
I agree that the evidence suggests Obama
will not leave office normally, without an
extended stay. I ended my recent book –
Antichrist 2016-2019 – with the following:
If I am wrong, America will continue on
about the same as it is today, and
President Obama will leave office
uneventfully in January 2017. But as he
said at the White House Correspondents’
Dinner in May 2014: “Everywhere I look
there are reminders that I only hold this
job temporarily. [Laughter] But, it is a long
time between now and 2016. And anything
can happen.”
read Antichrist 2016-2019 – it’s full of
bible prophecy pointing to specifics on
who, where, and when – plus Obama
quotes you wouldn’t believe a politician
would say – like when he commented on
Morgan Freeman’s roles in Deep Impact
and Bruce Almighty and said “This guy was
president before I was” and….. drum roll…..
“This guy was God before I was.”
What kind of politician says things like
that? One kind – the Antichrist.
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the Flies
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