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                  The unfortunate conflict in the Middle East which has taken many lives of both innocent civilians and military personnel, is the subject of much serious debate and discussion among people all over the world. Despite the many Peace Diplomacies and Treaties Casualties continue to mount on both Israeli and Arab sides, behind these events there lies an agenda from the to bring the world to the Biggest Conflict and the biggest Genocide surpassing even those of Adolf Hitler´s and the Communists.

               As the Bible ( in Deuteronomy 28:64, 31:16-17)  prophecies the Jews would be scattered and many troubles and evils would fall upon them for their disobedience, the Jews have been scattered all over the world and have been persecuted all over the world. Due to the religious percepts of the Jews they have envisioned living in their own community, as the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Zionism: it is the International Movement of a Jewish national or Religious Community in Palestine and later for the support of Modern Israel. Now to fully understand this definition we must look at a map of the Middle East, Palestine is a Region and not a state just like the Sahara or Siberia, the region has been called many things, but it is not a Country nor a State nor a Culture, and never even bothered becoming a Country before Israel became a state.

                    The Jews have been migrating to the Palestinian Region which is now Israel for centuries and all due to persecution, the earliest accounts of Aliyahs or their Zionist migrations to the Palestinian Region are from 200CE when Jews settled to the Region and left their mark and since then they have been making countless Aliyahs most of them because of Persecution. The 5th and most important Aliyah  for the Jews (which came to be because of the Nazi persecution in Europe) ended with the declaration of the State of Israel in May, 14, 1948 fullfilling Ezequiel 36:8-10. The following day Israel was attacked by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan soon followed, Israel defended itself, and won Territories from Jordan and Egypt (not from any Palestinians). 

"Peace for us means the destruction
of Israel" - Yasser Arafat (who was
backed by Pope John Paul II through
their Covenants and Secret Audits)
               Then came the Egyptian Arab Nationalists under Gamal Abdel Nasser who called for the destruction of Israel, and Non-States participated including the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) constantly engaging in battles with Israel and massacring Israeli Athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics. in October 6 1973 as the Israelis were observing a religious holiday, Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a surprise attack yet the Jews repelled them and won. Since then the Arabs have launched offensives against the State of Israel which Israel has repelled. The peace treaties and ceasefires where signed and recognized by the state of Israel and Terrorist groups but Battles and Wars have still raged, nevertheless, consisting of Rocket Launches and Offenses by the Arabs and Retaliatory attacks by the Israelis. The Terrorists calling themselves Palestinians who never found interest in declaring themselves a Sovereign State started migrating to the region once the State of Israel flourished in the Swamps and Deserts and became extremely productive, most of these so called Palestinians came from Egypt and other Arab countries.
               The sad conflict in the Middle East has always consisted of Offense and Defense tactics not to mention Persecutions and Extreme Violence, the film that i am about to show you explains the whole situation clearly from a Christian point of view, i hope you learn from this film and do not judge until you have watched it, it is not from a "Zionist" perspective but rather from a Christian prespective looking at how the 
Prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilling.....
Part 1                                                                            Part 2                                                                                                            

Part 3                                                                            Part 4                                                     

Part 5                                                                            Part 6

                               Needless to say Israel and the Arabs are both in Spiritual need of Jesus Christ but based on their doctrine both deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God and as the Messiah. There is however 1 difference between the Islamic and Judaic doctrines and it dates back to their origins, whereas the Jews trace their Origins to Abraham historically the Muslims trace their Origins to Muhammad the founder of their Religion (even though Muslims claim that their origins are from Abraham).

Muhammad, indoctrinated
by his Roman CatholicWife
Khadijah and her Cousin
            Muhammad also know in the Islamic world as "The Last Messenger From God" founded this Religion in the year 622 AD. Long before Muhammad the Kabaa (Square in Mecca that the Muslims bow to) used to be a worship site for many Religions including Judaism and many people brought their Treasures as Offerings and some even brought their idols but did not want to offend other Religions, so the Keepers of the Kabaa placed them inside the Sanctuary. Eventually the tribe (Jurhumites) guarding the Kabaa banned access to the Pilgrims and their offerings and the people rose up and drove them away, the Jurhumites in retaliation buried the Treasures and Offerings in a well called Zamzam and filled it with sand. Eventually a tribe called Khuzaites took over and let the Moabite idol, Hubal to be placed in the Kabah and they continued worshipping the idol, eventually they were replaced by the powerful Quraysh tribe, Muhammad´s grandfather Abd At-Muttalib eventually found the buried Treasures from the Kabaa in the place where the Quraysh made their pagan rituals, and eventually he became "The Hero of The Kabaa", with this he gained influence among the Arabs. 
                  Abd At-Muttalib had a son which he named Abd Allah (Which basically means "Servant of Allah", interestingly enough Allah was already mentioned long before Muhammad was even born)  meanwhile the Catholic Arab converts where pushing the idea of a "Arab Messiah" to rid themselves of the idols of the Kabaa. Eventually Abd Allah died while his wife was pregnant with Muhammad, and when Muhammad was born his Grandfather Abd At-Muttalib took him to the Kabaa where many prominent Arab families took their sons to be groomed and trained during this time Muhammad claimed that "Two Men in White" appeared to him and opened his chest up and washed his Heart with "Pure White Snow" but there was no mark left of this on his chest but on his back which was really a birthmark.

                               When Muhammad was 9 years old he was under the care of his Uncle. While traveling in a  Caravan a Catholic Monk encountered Muhammad and when he questioned Muhammad´s uncle about a mark on his back, his Uncle replied that its was a "Seal of Prophethood" (his Grandfather Abd At-Muttalib having a reputation as the Hero of the Kabaa and the Catholic Arab converts promoting the idea of an Arab Messiah gave Abd At-Muttalib´s descendants status as the "Likely Prophets to free The Kabaa from Idolatry" as Ancient Arab rituals where performed when Abd At-Muttalib´s son was chosen to be Sacrificed for their God), the Catholic Monk that they encountered told Muhammad´s Uncle to take him away and protect him from the Jews who he claimed that if they found Muhammad they would hurt the boy as they "Knew" that the boy had great aspirations, thus the stage was set for future persecutions of the Jews by the followers of Muhammad.

                              By the time Muhammad was 25 he married a Rich Catholic Nun named Khadija who was 15 years older than him, she along with her Catholic cousin Waraqua indoctrinated him in Monotheism. By the year 610 Muhammad claimed to have a vision from a being who he claimed was the Angel Gabriel and from then on Muhammad started his career as a "Prophet", Muhammad claimed to recieve messages from God for the rest of his life and Waraqua claimed to have interpreted those Messages and declared him a "Prophet of his People". Muhammad´s early followers where persecuted and he had to feel to Abyssinia where the King Negus (a Roman Catholic) accepted him because his Doctrine on the Virgin Mary was so close to Roman Catholicism (a result of being indoctrinated by Roman Catholics Khadija and Waraqua)

Allah the Moon God found in the Palestinian Region
Notice the Crescent Moon on the Idol´s chest
           In 622 Muhammad fled to Medina because of the persecutions he suffered. In Medina he won battles and raided Jewish settlements and killed anyone who opposed him and engaged in Polygamy and married other women who had ties to influential people and thus he was able to strenghten his position with the Arabs. Mecca (where Kabaa was located) sent an Army to defeat Muhammad but by the time they got there Muhammad had already grown strong and he defeated them. By 630 Muhammad conquered Mecca and cleared the Kabaa of the Idols that the Arab´s pagan religions worshipped. Muhammad wanted the support of the most powerful tribe in the Kabaa (The Quraysh) so he choose Allah the moon God (Allah is the Arab word for The God and  Hubal was The God that the Quraysh tribe worshipped). Allah originated from the Moon Deity that the ancient Sabeans worhsipped who married the Sun Deity and had daughters.

The Black Stone in the Kabaa
in Mecca traces it´s history to
Goddess Worship in Mecca.
Other deities linked to Black
Stones include Cybele,Aphrodite,
Astarte and Artemis/Diana, most
of these are Moon deities
            Al-lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat, the idols known in the Islamic world as "The Daughters of Allah" all have their origins from the ancient Nabateans whose main goddess was Al'lat (Al'lat was also known as Q're or Crescent Moon/Maiden) who evolved from a local goddess into a deity of a culture that was expanding and eventually became Al-Uzza (which means "The mighty one, it is said that the Bedouins at Harrat captured women and sacrificed them to this god) who was represented by the full Moon, and lastly the Moon Goddess was also known as Al'Menat which means "The waning but wise Goddess of fate" and the wife of supreme Moon God Hubal. Al'lat was a triple Goddess similar to the Greek Lunar Deity Kore/Demeter/Hecate and was worshipped in all three forms by the Quraysh tribe in the Kabbah (in Mecca) before Muhammad turned those idols into "The Daughters of Allah" and turned Hubal (the highest ranking of all 360 Gods worshipped in the Kabbah by the Quraysh tribe) into the God of the Koran. Al'lat in all of her 3 forms was influenced by the Banat, which were the 3 daughters of Baal (The supreme deity of the Canaanites) and symbolized Light, Rain and Earth.
         That is how The Vatican created the Counterfit Religion of Islam by way of Khadijah and her Cousin Waraqua who had a profound effect on the young Muhammad. The purpose of creating this Religion was for taking over The Holy Land (Jerusalem) for the Pope and to Eliminate the Christian Converts in North Africa. The Jews blocked the Vatican´s attempts to take over the Holy Land (which is of Great Significance to the Vatican) and the North African Christians refused to convert to Catholicism. The Vatican turned Muhammad into a Charismatic figure that the Arabs could look up to as a Messiah and unite the Non-Catholic Arabs to make a huge Army to take over the Holy Land for the Pope and kill all opposition to the Catholic Church, in other words The Vatican used the Arabs as nothing more than Mercenaries. Some scriptures that Muhammad wrote linking him to the Vatican have been hidden and are currently kept by the Ayatollahs (High Ranking Muslim Priests), they are not released as they contain information that would create a Huge disaster for both Catholicism and Islam, furthermore the Muslims see Jesus Christ as nothing more than a Prophet and if the Pope is his representative on Earth, they without a doubt view him as a "Holy Person" with real Authority, but the Pope´s plans backfired after Muhammad died.

The Crusades the consequences
of the Vatican´s plans backfiring
             The Pope gave permission for the Arabs and financed them to invade North Africa and eventually they Slaughtered Christians and Jews and Jerusalem fell into their hands, where they built the Dome of Rock on the same place where the Jewish Temple was destroyed by The Romans. When the Pope asked the Muslims for his Prize (The Holy Land) the Muslims would not give it up (as they were already brainwashed by Islam) and Muhammad´s generals truly believed in Islam and where now trying to Conquer the World for Islam. The Muslim Ambassadors asked the Pope for Permission to invade European countries and this outraged the Pope who raised Armies of European Catholics to Keep Muslim Invaders out of Europe and retake The Holy Land, thus starting the Crusades (which lasted for Centuries). Eventually the Muslims and The Vatican came to an agreement with concordants and the Arabs where allowed to occupy Turkey and the Catholics were allowed to occupy Lebanon and both agreed to build mosques and churches in Catholic and Muslim countries respectively with the purpose of blocking the Christian Missionary efforts and promoting the Hatred of Non-Catholic Christians and Jews alike.

Moroccan Muslim troops led by
Francisco Franco fighting for the
Vatican in exchange for the Pope
to never recognize the state of
Israel if it ever came into existance
      By the 1910´s Portugal was becoming Socialist and this posed a problem for the Vatican, and they carefully planned the "Vision at Fatima" (when the Virgin Mary appeared in Fatima named after Muhammad´s daugter) to bring Islam closer to the Catholic Church and to involve Russia by praying for its Conversion. The Fatima Vision eventually led to the Novenas to Fatima and started spreading their news of the Vision at Fatima throughout the Islamic world and the Muslims thought they were honoring Muhammad´s daughter, Fatima. The Visions at Fatima where kept in the Newspapers even after WW2 when Pope Pius had his "Dancing Sun" vision. Another effect the Fatima Vision had was the Nazi invasion of Russia by the Jesuit controlled Nazi army, to crush the Orthodox Religion and make Russia a Roman Catholic nation. In Spain from 1931-1936 after Spain chose to become a Republic (which outraged the Vatican as they were in favor of a Monarchy)  Roman Catholics where showing contempt for the Pope´s power and taxed church properties and removed Priests and Nuns from teaching in Public Schools, The pope called in the Muslim Leaders and because of the Concordant they had signed, the Muslims helped the Pope out and in secrecy they raised an Army under the command of General Francisco Franco and in 1936 the Jesuit-Instigated Spanish Civil War broke out to make The Vatican look like it was fighting a "Holy War" Against the Communists. The Muslim army of 4,000,000 men fighting under Cardinal Pedro Segura occupied Spain and killed Roman Catholics and fullfilled their Concordant which also included the Protection of the Vatican, even if it meant the death of its own Catholic People.

Pope John Paul II forgives Mehmet Ali Agca on the
shooting planned by the Jesuits to gain the Sympathy of
World Leaders
             The shooting of John Paul II had also been carefully planned by the Vatican to gain sympathy from World Leaders. Mehmet Ali Agca was an excellent marksman and shot the pope on orders of the Jesuits, the shot was fired 10 feet away and it was not even intended to kill John Paul II. The Ayatollahs (Muslim High Ranking priests who keep Muhammad´s scriptures that link him to The Vatican) apologized to the pope.When John Paul II personally forgave Mehmet Ali Agca, he gained the admiration of the Muslims around the world. In return for assisting The Pope with the invasion of Spain during the Spanish Civil War, The Muslim leaders asked the Pope for a favor in return, which is to Never Recognize The State of Israel if it ever came into Existance, and the Pope honored this Concordant until 1993, 14 years after Israel´s greatest foe, Egypt recognized its right to exist.


*The origins of Islam are a Testimony of Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera when he was taught by Cardinal Augustus Bea (has printed and documented proof and his ID when he was a Jesuit) and was Assasinated by The Vatican and later on attempted to be discredited by Gary Metz in The Cornerstone Magazine claiming to have proof of Rivera being a Fraud but never actually providing evidence or any Documents of his claims. Gary Metz was finally exposed by for his Pro Catholic stand and for having associates trying to discredit Vatican and Jesuit Researchers.* 

The New Age Rainbow Swastika
The New Age has it´s beginnings
with Helena Blavatsky who wrote
"The Secret Doctrine", a book which
Hitler was an avid reader of and
always kept in his bed. 
          The "Jewish Power Threat Hoax" is extremely popular among Conspiracy Theorists and Truth Searchers alike but little do they know that the "Jewish Power Threat" is a Proxy to cover up for the larger part of the Vatican network. I do not mean to sound "Zionist" or "Talmudic or whatever you want to call that but the whole theory that Jews are "Top Promoters of Global Evil" was promoted by none other than Hitler himself who was also into Theosophy (Luciferian Darwinist doctrine mixing Eastern Mysticism with Monotheism, Hermeticism and more religions into one Blasphemic package which regards Jews and Christians as Primitive and Narrow minded people respectively that are obstructing Planet Earth´s Evolution) and has been reported to have slept with a copy of Madame Blavatsky´s book "The Secret Doctrine" every night. Hitler´s peculiar Vegetarianism and his idea that a Vegetarian diet could bring a Spiritual Regeneration is much based on the Hindu-Influenced doctrine of Theosophism. Hitler was also strongly influenced by the Occult Gnosticism of Helena Blavatsky and her writing about the "Aryan Super Evolved Race" and the Jews being "Primitive-Rooted Reincarnations of Inferior beings". Hitler thought the German race was the Evolved Aryan race of Blavatsky´s writing and this inspired his Genocide of the Jews and the Labeling of them as The Secret Power Threat. 
For more about Hitler and the Occult visit the website

                                   Adolf Hitler also regarded the fraudulent book "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as an absolute truth (it had already been exposed as a fraud before 1935) and it was studied in German classrooms after Hitler came to power. The book which was produced in Russia between 1897 and 1903 and is a forgery of "Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu" from French political satirist, Maurice Joly and many other Anti-Semitic literature including "Biarritz" by Famous Anti-Semite Herman Goedsche. The book which is a collection of Forgeries of pamphlets and racist literature has its own origins with a book written in 1797 by French Clergyman Abbe Baruel.

          Adolf Hitler had strong ties to the Vatican and was not a Christian but a Roman Catholic (and he never renounced his Catholicism nor condemned its political aims). As it states in his Biography when Hitler was young, he was a member of the Parish choir in his local church and was impressed by the religious ceremonies of The Catholic Church. In Hitler´s book "Mein Kampf" Hitler further approves the Catholic church and the Jesuit Order as opposed to Protestantism, he approves of the infallibility of the Pope, the intolerant attitude of Catholic education, the necessity for blind faith, and the compulsory celibacy of the Catholic clergy. Hitler also demostrated his hostility to Protestantism, when he said

"Protestantism opposes in an extremely vigorous manner every attempt that is made to rid the nation of it´s worse enemy; in fact, the position of Protestantism with regard to Judaism is more or less dogmatically fixed. But we have now come to a point where this problem will now have to be solved; othwerwise all attempts at the renaissance of Germany   and national regeneration will be of no avail."
                           Hitler´s SS was also modeled after the Jesuit Order (and the creators of the Illuminati) even down to the Black clothes that the SS wore. Pope Pius XI supported Hitler and his vote put Hitler into Power in 1933. The Catholic Nazi Franz Von Papen also boasted "The Third Reich is the First Power, which not only recognizes, but puts into practice, the High Principles of The Papacy" (Der Voelkischer Beobachter, Jan. 14, 1934.) for more about the Catholic Jesuit Connections of Adolf Hitler visit and

Mohammad Amin Al-Husayni
an Ally of the Nazis 
      The Middle Eastern element was also present during Hitler´s Third Reich and the Muslims were allies of the Germans and contributed to the Mass Extermination attempts of the Jews. Mohammad Amin al-Husayni or "Grand Mufti of Jerusalem" as he called himself, had a calling which was "kill the Jews wherever you find them" he collaborated with Hitler and recruited Muslim Bosnian Soldiers for Hitler´s Waffen-SS (the best of the best Nazi millitary had to offer). Al Husayni asked Hitler for assitance in installing himself to be the leader of the Palestinian Region and Hitler promised him that he would exterminate the 350,000 Jews already living there and drive the British from the Palestinian Region, World War II ended and Al-Husayni was exhiled from Jerusalem and his grand-daughter married  Ali Hassan Salameh founder of the PLO. During World War II Heinrich Himmler wrote a letter to Al-Husayni which further proves their collaboration in the Theosophy inspired Genocidal Holocaust of the Jews:

"To the Grand Mufti: The National Socialist movement of Greater Germany has, since its inception, inscribed upon its flag the fight against the world Jewry. It has therefore followed with particular sympathy the struggle of freedom-loving Arabs, especially in Palestine, against Jewish interlopers. In the recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against it lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims of the whole world. In this spirit I am sending you on the anniversary of the infamous Balfour declaration my hearty greetings and wishes for the successful pursuit of your struggle until the final victory.Signed: Reichsfuehrer S.S. Heinrich Himmler

            Eventually Mohammad Amin al-Husayni became an inspiration for Yasser Arafat and the battles between Israel and Muslim Non-State organizations raged. It is clear that during WWII Pope Pius XI and the Jesuits contributed with Adolf Hitler to bring about the Mass Murder of Jews based on Hitler´s occult Luciferian religions of Theosophy all inspired by Satan and his Demons, even Hitler´s Swastika is used in the New Age Religion. The senseless wars and confrontations that have been going on are a result of the Vatican and their subordinates (UN, Muslims, Intelligence agencies controlled by Freemasonic Knight Orders etc.)

18th Century Anti-Jewish cartoon
            Sadly Hitler´s methods of Anti-Jewish Propaganda are being used to great effect, especially when talking about the Middle Eastern conflict, through Caricatures, Television, and the forging of the Jesuit written book "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Hitler was able to deceive people into the Vatican Proxy Jewish Power Threat, which fueled the existing Anti-Semitism that had long been in Europe for Centuries. Anti Jewish Propaganda not only comes from Cartoons or Television but also from events. Such events are instigated by a group with an agenda, which not only calls for people to bring about a bad public image against the Jews but also promotes the Vatican´s Jewish Power Threat Hoax which has been going on for Centuries all over the world and Prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:6 and 31:16-17, sometimes these negative forms of Propaganda touch people who have not researched into the actual cause, here are some examples of Propaganda promoting the Jewish Power Threat Proxy:

The Rachel Corrie Incident: The unfortunate and Tragic death of this young girl was allegedly caused by an Israeli Bulldozer running over her when she was in the way trying to protect a house of a Palestinian family. The truth is that there are no evidence of destruction of homes anywhere, and the photos that her and her friend Joseph Smith took where actually Photoshopped. In reality Rachel Corrie was trying to play Chicken to the Israeli Bulldozer and the driver did not even see her and she died protecting a nearby tunnel that lead to a Weapons Storage location, watch the video and look at these pictures carefully and judge for yourselves if this girl was really a "Fighter for Justice" or a Radicalized Islamic Instigator and Provocateur:

Fabricated Pictures by Joseph Smith to make people believe they were really protecting Homes from being demolished
The Rafah Weapon Smuggling Tunnels that Rachel Corrie died defending

Many Anti-Semitist "Patriotic" groups use the memory of Rachel Corrie to spread their Propaganda yet she burned
American Mock Flags i wonder if closet Neo-Nazi supporters of David Duke would like this
Rachel Corrie died protecting a Palestinian Weapon Stash while many of you might call her a Patriot she was really a
Radicalized Islamic Extremist

Another incident that Anti-Jewish propaganda tends to go after is

The USS Liberty Incident: During the Six Day war, an American NAVY research ship was on International waters north of the Sinai peninsula, when it was attacked by Israeli planes that killed 34 crew members and wounded 170 others. The Israelies to this day maintain that the incident was an accident and not deliberate and that the USS Liberty was mistaken for the Egyptian Ship El Quesir. The Israeli government paid $3,323,500 to the families of the Crewmen killed during the attack, $3,566,457 to the families of the wounded Crewmen, and $6,000,000 as settlement for the Material Damage during the Attack. While it is easy to think Israel did this deliberately attacked the ship we need to examine this situation a little closer. We have at least 5 government agencies (CIA, NSA, House Armed Services Committee, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the NAVY) saying the attack was non-intentional and the Testimonies of the survivors claiming it was intentional yet later on go on to contradict with each other´s testimonies, an example of this is Jim Ennes´s testimony in which he claims that the Israelis Jammed the USS Liberty´s radio signal and that the Israelis did not offer any help after the attack his testimony is as follows:
"While we were trying to send our message for help there was some sort of obvious jamming, there was a buzz saw sound that blocked all of the frequencies. The jamming seemed to cover everything at all times unless [sic] the very few seconds that missiles were in the air, and then it stopped, and during those times they got out our message."
Jim Enne´s Testimony clearly contradicts Captain William Mcgonagle´s testimony in which he said "Immediately after the ship was struck by the torpedo, the torpedo boats stopped dead in the water and milled around astern of the ship at a range of approximately 500 to 800 yards. One of the boats signalled by flashing light, in English, “Do you require assistance?" 
and Chief Communications Technician Harold J. Thompson´s testimony (which he said under Oath) which is as follows: 
"I was asked to report to the bridge, which I did. When I got up there, Signalman David was attempting to rig a hand light. I assisted him. We went to the starboard wing of the bridge and one torpedo boat was making a run straight at us off the starboard beam while the other two stood off. At the Captain’s direction, David sent, “US Naval Ship” “US Naval Ship.” When they were about 500 yards off, the torpedo boat turned astern and came up on the stern on the starboard side and flashed, “do you need help.” ... The Captain ... said “no, thank you.” We sent this back to the boat ... and saw on the last part of that message ... “Do you want us to standby?” I passed this word to the Captain. He said, “no, thank you.” We sent this to the patrol boat. They came up along the port side, I say roughly 100 yards off, flashed “good luck” ... and disappeared. That was the last we saw of them."
Many Conspiracy Theories hold to the idea that the Israelis fired first but a sworn Testimony by Captain William Mcgonagle contradicts this false statement
"In the latter moments of the air attack, it was noted that three high speed boats were approaching the ship from the northeast on a relative bearing of approximately 135 at a distance of about 15 miles. The ship at the time was still on course 263 true, speed unknown, but believed to be in excess of five knots. At no time did the ship stop during the air attack. It is believed that the time of initial sighting of the torpedo boats, the time was about 1420. The boats appeared to be in a wedge type formation with the center boat the lead point of the wedge. Estimated speed of the boats was about 27 to 30 knots. They appeared to be about 150 to 200 yards apart. It appeared that they were approaching the ship in a torpedo launch attitude, and since I did not have direct communication with gun control or the gun mounts, I told a man from the bridge, whose identity I do not recall, to proceed to mount 51 and take the boats under fire. The boats continued to approach the ship at high speed and on a constant bearing with decreasing range. About this time I noticed that our Ensign had been shot away during the air attack and ordered DAVID, signalman, to hoist a second Ensign from the yardarm. During the air attack, our normal Ensign was flying. Before the torpedo attack, a holiday size Ensign was hoisted. [Unreadable] standby for torpedo attack from starboard. I did not have an accurate ship's position at this time, but I knew that to the left of the ship's course at that time lie shoal waters and by turning to the left I would be approaching land closer than had been given me in directives which I held in that instant in time. I realized that if I attempted to turn to starboard, I would expose a larger target to the torpedo boats. I elected to maintain a heading of 283 at maximum speed. When the boats reached an approximate range of 2,000 yards, the center boat of the formation was signalling to us. Also, at this range, it appeared that they were flying an Israli (sic) flag. This was later verified. It was not possible to read the signals from the center torpedo boat because of the intermittent blocking of view by smoke and flames. At this time, I yelled to machine gun 51 to tell him to hold fire. I realized that there was a possibility of the aircraft having been Israli and the attack had been conducted in error. I wanted to hold fire to see if we could read the signal from the torpedo boat and perhaps avoid additional damage and personnel injuries.

on top of those contradictions (and many more) the same Intelligence Agencies that said it was all an incident contradict their own selfs by pointing their fingers at Israel here are some quotes from these Intelligence Agencies:

"...the board of inquiry (concluded) that the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing in attacking the Liberty."
      -- CIA Director Richard Helms in his book A Look Over my Shoulder
"To me, the picture thus far presents the distinct possibility that the Israelis knew that the Liberty might be their target and attacked anyway, either through confusion in Command and Control or through deliberate disregard of instructions on the part of subordinates." 
      -- CIA Deputy Director Admiral Rufus Taylor
"To me, the picture thus far presents the distinct possibility that the Israelis knew that Liberty might be their target and attacked anyway." 
      -- Admiral Rufus Taylor, Deputy CIA director, as quoted by CIA director Admiral Rufus Taylor in A Look Over My Shoulder.
That the attack was deliberate "just wasn't a disputed issue" within the National Security Agency
      -- Former NSA Director retired Army Lieutenant General William Odom on 3 March 2003 in an interview for Naval Institute Proceedings
"The attack was clearly deliberate." 
      -- General Marshall Carter, former director, National Security Agency, in a telephone interview with James Ennes
"....did not buy the Israeli 'mistake' explanations either. Nobody believes that explanation." When informed by author Bamford of gruesome war crime (killing of large numbers of POWs) at nearby El Arish, Morrison saw the connection. "That would be enough," he said. "They wouldn't want us in on that. You've got the motive. What a hell of a thing to do." 
      -- Major General John Morrison, US Air Force, Deputy Chief NSA Operations during the attack and later Chief of NSA Operations as reported in Body of Secrets by James Bamford, p233.
"I can tell you for an absolute certainty (from intercepted communications) that they knew they were attacking an American ship."
      -- Oliver Kirby, former deputy director for operations/production, National Security Agency. Kirby participated in NSA's investigation of the attack and reviewed translations of intercepted communications between pilots and their headquarters which he reports show conclusively that they knew their target was an American ship. Kirby is considered the "Godfather" of the USS Liberty and USS Pueblo intercept programs. (Telephone interviews with James Ennes and David Walsh for Friendless Fire, Proceedings, June 2003)
Walter Deeley, NSA department head, conducted still-classified investigation of the attack and remarked later in telephone interview that he regards the attack as deliberate.
-- NSA Department Head Walter Deeley
"FBI officials counter that 'friendly' spying can be as damaging as spying for enemies, they note, as in 1967 when Israeli jets deliberately attacked the electronic intelligence-gathering ship USS Liberty...." 
 -- FBI Officials reported in Washington Times, November 26, 1998

     So judging by this Panorama, we have CIA, FBI, and NSA 2 of these agencies clearly said the attack was a mistake back in the 60´s but in the 90´s they come back and point their fingers at Israel. Many conspiracy theorists have told me that the CIA is Al Qaeda and that they are Zionist-Manipulated Puppet agencies working for the New World Order, yet still claim that Israel attacked the USS Liberty on purpose, are these Conspiracy Theorists finally agreeing with the Agencies they labelled as "Demonic" and "Zionist" being secretly manipulated by the Jews? i thought they (The Intelligence Agencies) were Enemies and the real instigators of the coming World Government and they were always wrong, the Conspiracy Theorists agree with them on this point. These Agencies indeed are manipulated by the instigators of the New World Order and their Countless Luciferian Orders of Knights who call for the complete and systematic Extermination of the Jews and Christians for the purpose of establishing their Satanic Gnostic believes in "Earth´s Evolution" and acceptance of the One World Religion.

The Ridiculization of Christians to instigate Hatred against the Jews by Islam Supporters:

Prosperity Pastor John Hagee
Promoter of the New Age idea
of Positive Confession and an
attempt to make Christians look
like "Zionists and Thieves"
                              Another form of Propaganda that is quite common among the supporters of Islam is the ridiculization of Christians just for believing in the bible and believing the prophecies about the state of Israel have been fulfilled. Many tend to use Hipocrite and Heretic Pastors many of them (these heretical Pastors) are either preaching New Age forms of the Gospel or might have been infiltrated from within my either Freemasonic Knights or Jesuits sent to destroy Christian churches. I have encountered many Anti-Semites who have used the Prosperity Pastor John Hagee in an attempt to ridiculize Christians and instigate hatred towards Jews, using the Jewish Apocryph Books such as the Talmud and the Kabbalah. Judaism became an Abomination after Christ was crucified and is no longer valid in the eyes of God yet many supporters of Islam will call us "Zionist Goyim Boot Lickers". Let us examine this individual, John Hagee and lets see if what he preaches is really Christian or New Age Heresy, he promotes Positive Confession (it is a known fact that this is New Age doctrine), he says there is a relationship between the Soul and a person´s financial prosperity, he also goes as far as saying that Jews can be saved without the need for Jesus Christ, which is absolutely false, this man is obviously for the New Age agenda and is no different than Jesuit Agent Jim Jones or Billy Graham (who has said Atheists have the Body of Christ). The supporters of Islam often put this New Ager (Hagee) on videos showing ridiculous sermons and his Eccentric Ideas of the Defense of Israel much like the dancing and prancing done by Anti-Semitist Nathanael Kapner.

                           All in all this is not meant to be Anti-Islamist propaganda just a look at the Anti-Semitist smokescreen and how the Vatican and the Jesuits have been promoting the "Jewish Power Threat" to hide their plans for World Hegemony and to hide their shameful and despicable acts. All in all i do not hate Muslims, i love Muslim people and i feel bad that they have to live in a life where a false religion based on a Pagan Moon God disguised as the one true God, to the point where they have to kill, lie and persecute people of other religions, not to mention the Religious Fanaticism going to the point where people die just for playing Music in a Wedding (and they kill their own people), and their plans for World Domination, if you disagree check these videos out and tell me if this is of God:

Hizbollah Roman Salute

Pope Benedict with Jesuit-Trained Sabbatian Masonic
"Court Jew" Shimon Peres, who deeded the
 region of East Jerusalem including Temple Mount
to the Vatican and the Pope
       The message of this Post is not to promote any Islamofobia (even if its a Counterfit Religion created by the Vatican to turn Arabs into Mercenaries to protect the "Holy Land") the message of this is to not let ourselves be fooled by the "Jewish Power Threat" Proxy that the Vatican and the Jesuits have been propagating for Centuries, but to know who are the instigators and the source where all of this deceit is coming from. The Jewish Power Threat Smokescreen is also further propagated by the Apostate Sabbatian Masonic Jews that are in league with The Vatican (Heinz Kissinger, Noam Chomsky, Alan Greenspan, Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein etc. most of these are from the Order of the Knights of Malta who have sworn loyalty to the Papacy until death), and through the Jesuit-instigated Six-Days War, the Jesuit Infiltrated Mossad took control of Jerusalem from the Vatican´s rebellious creation (Islam). Among the Vatican-Controlled Sabbatian Masonic Jews is Jesuit-Trained Shimon Peres who along with Yossi Beilin plotted the assasination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (interestingly enough Golda Meir died under very mysterious circumstances). Shimon Peres then practically deeded Temple Mount to the Pope (which was why the Vatican created Islam to begin with), having achieved their goal of obtaining the Holy Land (this time using the Jewish government and their Jesuit Sabbatian Masonic Agents also known as Labor Zionists) the Vatican and their Patsies are going in an all out Anti-Jewish campaign in hopes to bring Jews from all nations back to Israel to bring about the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" (systematic extermination of all Jews).

Former Grand Wizard of the Knight Order of the Ku Klux Klan
David Duke with President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who
has called for a New World Order multiple times and for the
complete destruction of the State of Israel 
        This is not a Pro-Zionist Message either but a Message from the Christian and Secular point of view of how the world has been fooled by the "Jewish Power Threat" lie, when the Jews where escaping persecution in Germany during and after WWII their ships were turned back and they were rejected by people all over, even in South America, in Europe they were even turned back to the Nazis to be killed. The UN (One World Government Promotor) has condemned Israel More than 300 times for Defending itself while it never condemned its Attackers as much. And still in America and all over the world there is a wave of Anti-Semitism, and sadly it has infiltrated the Truth Movement, for the purpose of shifting the blame of World Crisis to the Jews, while their Sabbatian Patsies take the blame for disastrous events like 911 and "The War on Terror". Despite seeming to have many allies, the State of Israel is actually being spied on and constantly betrayed by the United Nations, The United States and Great Britain are conducting Covert Operations in Israel, The book "The Secret War Against the Jews" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons clearly explains this.
David Duke during his days in the Knight
Order of the Ku Klux Klan. Despite what his
followers say about him not being a racist nor
a Bigot, he was the Grand Wizard of this Knight
Order which traces it´s origins to 33° Freemason
Ex-Confederate General, Albert Pike

        David Duke a former Grand Wizard of the KKK has also gone out on an Anti-Jewish Campaign, spreading Anti-Semitist Propaganda via his website and his personal website, claiming not to be a racist and a bigot but clearly promoting the same ideals Hitler had promoted  of an "Aryan Super Human"..this same man who burned crosses when he was in the Knight Order of the Ku Klux Klan (which trace their origins to the Luciferian Freemason Confederate General, Albert Pike, and The Burning Cross traces itself to Semiramis queen of Babylon in honor of her son, Tammuz (Baal), and much later Roman Emperor Constantine when he claimed that he saw it in a vision and was to him, a sign of Victory). David Duke is now inciting the Muslims towards even more hatred towards the Jews with his Neo-Nazi Propaganda and Supremacist views while hinting and making people believe that he is a "Freedom-Loving Nationalist Patriot of The United States." 
       I am not a lover of the Jews nor a Sympathizer, as Dave Hunt puts it Israel is in Moral and Spiritual danger, there are conflicts between Secular and Religious Jews, their Apocryph books (Talmud and Kabbalah) full of doctrine of the Pharisees and Blasphemies and full of Hate and Racism towards who they call the Goyim. Drugs, Pornography, Prostitution,Youth Rebellion, Rape,Murder and Robbery all run rampart in Israel yet the Rabbis can´t offer any guidance to the Repentant Sinners as they have no Sacrfices and no Temples its just as in the prophecy of Hosea 3:4. There is nothing that could be done for Israel as they have become a Cup of Trembling and a Burdensome Stone (Zechariah 12:2) and one day all nations fooled by the Jewish Power Threat will sorround Israel to destroy it (Zechariah 12-14).

Pope Benedict outside of Temple Mount at the Muslim Dome of Rock on
his Ecumenical Efforts to bring all the Religions under the Pope and under
Rome to establish World Hegemony and World Religion

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